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        Changzhou Chanlon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
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            Chanlon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou, located in Changzhou, Jiangsu motor manufacturing intensive, is a specialized development, production, sales motor and electrical testing equipment, automated high-tech enterprises, strategic location, north along the Yangtze River, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, along Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai railway are through Changzhou, convenient transportation and communication accessibility. Is China's rapid economic development zone.
            Since its inception, adhere to the "high standards and strict requirements" of the enterprise policy, in full, based on the use of mature technology, and actively explore, forge ahead, in line with higher demands on the test, focusing on family-related technologies to overcome difficulties, develop their own independence have the technology. To represent the reliability and accuracy of the advanced level of the domestic industry. For domestic appliances and motor manufacturers have a more advanced, reliable and efficient means of detection, to improve the quality of their products play a crucial role.
            Currently the company has formed a complete product line, products are exported to many countries, companies with strong technical force, perfect quality assurance system to ensure product quality, comprehensive selection of rigorous management, realistic, and constantly strive for excellence, so that the product really be "outside the show within the superior."
            Companies adhere to "good faith, superior quality, reasonable price, perfect service", the majority of users praise. We will always, work with users to create excellent brand with the industry.
            We warmly welcome friends home and abroad to call to discuss joint development of a better future!

        Chanlon Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Changzhou